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December 1999 October 1999
October 1998 December 1997
May 1995 December 1993



Laval University Exhibit, Summer 2008





The Premier of Quebec, Mr. Lucien Bouchard at the Centre de Recherche en Géomatique of Université Laval

Lucien Bouchard Rock Santerre avec Lucien Bouchard
Visit of Mr. Paul Martin, Minister of Finances of Canada, at the CRG, March 2000
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Visit of Mr Jean Charest, Leader of the Québec Liberal Party, at the CRG, December 2002
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                 Visit to China in summer 2014

Conference at the China University of Geosciences in Beijing

GPS course at CSU Changsha CSNC BeiDou conference in Nanjing



Visit to China in May 2013
Three Gorges Dam
Tongji University in Shanghai
Central South University in Changsha



GPS Equipment




Équipement GPS




Optical fiber and GPS receiver






Vertical precision improvement in relative GPS positioning with a GPSover-fiber configuration and real-time inter-fiber delay monitoring



Time-relative positioning (TRP)

TRP approach. Reduction of errors with loops misclosure
GPS surveys carried by Stéphanie Michaud.
GPS Time Relative Positioning (TRP)



GPS Telescopic Mast

GPS Telescopic Mast GPS Telescopic Mast
Isabelle Tremblay during GPS observations with the telescopic mast. GPS telescopic mast used in wooden area.
GPS Telescopic Mast GPS Telescopic Mast
Gaston Grenier during a set-up of the GPS telescopic mast. Centering of the GPS antenna on top of tha mast as seen from the optical plummet.



GPS Surveying Probe

GPS Surveying Probe

Luc Dumontier during the first tests with the GPS surveying probe.
SondeSteph1mini.JPG (4166 octets) SondeSteph2mini.JPG (47461 octets) SondeSteph3mini.JPG (41615 octets)
Tests of the GPS surveying probe carried by Stéphanie Bourgon.



Calibration beam
Calibration bean
Martin Bourassa during tests of relative phase centre calibration of GPS antennas.



Attitude Determination
Attitude Determination Attitude Determination
Boggie with GPS antennas tetrahedron for attitude determination (Rock Santerre et Sylvain Babineau). GPS antenna tetrahedron onboard the FCG Smith.
Attitude-SBmini.jpg (32629 octets)
Stéphanie Bourgon with the GPS antenna tetrahedron



Marine Navigation

Trois-Rivières’ harbour FCG Smith
GPS kinematic positioning of the FCG Smith in the Trois-Rivières’ harbour. The FCG Smith at the Trois-Rivières’s harbour during the tests for Mami Ueno’s doctoral research.
GPS Kinematic Applications and Hydrography



GPS and the Sports

GPS tests on a bicycle GPS tests on a bicycle
Isabelle Tremblay during GPS tests on a bicycle.
RTremblay.jpg (20964 octets)
Report on Robert Tremblay, national speed skating coach, from the television program l'Aventure Olympique (in French).
© Société Radio-Canada, 2002
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Velo1-0801mini.jpg (29502 octets) Velo2-0801mini.jpg (32441 octets)
Louis-Charles Racine during GPS tests at the
Velodrome Louis-Garneau .
Myriam Bédard during tests GPS-Glonass Philippe Marois during tests GPS-Glonass
Speed skater Myriam Bédard during tests GPS-Glonass. Philippe Marois at the Gaétan-Boucher skating ring during tests GPS-Glonass.
patinGPS1mini.JPG (31008 octets)
Lauren Wetzel at the Gaétan-Boucher skating ring during GPS tests.
Sean Cannon during GPS Sean Cannon during GPS
Sean Cannon during GPS tests in canoe
on the Beauport Lake.
kayak2-1001mini.jpg (31753 octets) kayak1-1001mini.jpg (24069 octets)
Phillipe Dussault during GPS tests in kayak on the
Beauport Lake.
snow_parkmini.JPG (33065 octets) snow_descmini.JPG (32870 octets)
GPS test in snowboard with Mathieu Morency at Stoneham.
Ski_hautmini.JPG (42318 octets) Ski_descmini.JPG (25679 octets)
GPS test in ski with Étienne Bonneau at the Mont Ste-Anne.



Study of ice forces against the Beaumont dam

Surveys of two-prisms surveying probes with a robotic total station carried by Yann Prat and Vincent Desmet.

GPS monitoring of dam deformations carried by Vincent Desmet.

Monitoring of an Ice Sheet - Beaumont Dam Reservoir, Québec




Measurements of waves and tides




Hydrographic surveys at the Chaudière's marina




Bathymetric survey of the Jacques-Cartier River - CIDCO HydroBall™-Pro







Charlevoix GPS Network
Photographs by Stéphane Mazzotti and Valérie Kirouac

Crustal Deformation Study of the Charlevoix Seismic Zone in Quebec



Quebec Bridge







Pierre-Laporte Bridge
Pierre-Laporte Bridge Pierre-Laporte Bridge
Panoramic view of the Pierre-Laporte and Quebec City (left) bridges. The Pierre-Laporte and the Quebec City bridges as seen from the ship Le Brave.
Pierre-Laporte Bridge Pierre-Laporte Bridge
Luc Lamoureux during GPS deformation measurements of the Pierre-Laporte bridge. The CRG’s research coordinator Annick Jaton in the field.
Analysis of the Displacements of the Pierre-Laporte Suspension Bridge as Measured by Precise GPS Surveys



Airborne GPS survey
Airborne GPS survey
Laurent Geuzaine (left) and a pilot of the Company Aero Photo (1961) during airborne field tests.



Precision Farming
Precise Farming Precise Farming
Manure spreading during tests for precise farming with GPS. Francis Scully’s Master degree project.

vttmini.jpg (13489 octets)

agrPrecMNTmini.gif (9253 octets)
Creation of a Digital Terrain Model using GPS embarked on a small motor vehicle. Master degree project realised by Annie-Claude Parent.



Geometrical Levelling
Geometrical Levelling Geometrical Levelling
Isabelle Tremblay during the leveling surveys of the geodetic network of the Laval University’s campus. Determination of the altitude of the geodetic point on top of the building PEPS (Boussaad Akrour, Richard Gauthier, Luc Lamoureux, Gaston Grenier, Rock Santerre).



Chaining Chaining
Precise chaining of a baseline for comparison with GPS (Bruno Arbour, Martin Bourassa, Rock Santerre, Jean-Arthur Fradette). Luc Lamoureux operating a precision level during the vertical chaining of the Tower of Education.
Chaining device on top of Tower of Education to determine its height.



Bruno Arbour during tests on the effect of multipath on GPS positioning.



Study of the effect of High Voltage Power Lines on GPS positioning, in collaboration with Y. Thériault of the Service de la Géodésie du Québec.



Comparison of GPS Receivers
Comparison of GPS Receivers
Comparison tests of different receiver types onboard the ferry Québec-Lévis.



Geodetic Network of the Forêt Montmorency
Geodetic Network of the Forêt Montmorency
GPS survey of a geodetic point at the Forêt Montmorency.



Stéphanie Bourgon during a GPS-GIS field survey.













Survey camp in Geodesy-GPS





A tribute to Joseph-Narcisse Gastonguay





Guardian of Elevations at Pointe-au-Père

MonPtP0602p.JPG (20453 octets)

PharePtP0602p.JPG (16582 octets)

ptePeresGraduesmini.jpg (15799 octets)

ptePeresAnnickmini.jpg (11302 octets)

Some participants at the inauguration ceremony, in October 2000: Yves Thériault (SGQ), André Mainville (GSD), Bernard Labrecque (CHS), Rock Santerre and Annick Jaton (CRG).







Sundials of the former Beijing Observatory


Moondial of the former Beijing Observatory Stardial of the former Beijing Observatory
Beijing Boulder
Sundial in the Forbidden City in Beijing. Sundial at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
Séminaire de Québec Séminaire de Québec
Sundial in the Interior walls of the Séminaire de Québec.
Professor Sanchez’s sundialProfessor Sanchez’s sundial description Professor Sanchez’s sundial
Professor Sanchez’s sundial in the Abraham’s Fields. Professor Sanchez’s sundial on the campus of Laval University.
Montreal Quebec
Sundial of the Dow’s Planetarium in Montreal. Sundial on the Quebec Parliament’s Terrasse.
La Commission des Cadrans solaires du Québec


jalon.gif (2087 octets)


Astronomical Observatory

The former Beijing Astronomical Observatory

Citadelle of Québec Observatory



A tribute to the Land Surveyor Helpers from Maria (Gaspesia)

MariaMonp.JPG (15403 octets)

MariaPlaqp.JPG (23602 octets)

MariaPanp.JPG (16903 octets)

MariaSculpp.JPG (25435 octets)


jalon.gif (2087 octets)


UNB Surveying Monument



Quebec in helicopter