Fredericton, New Brunswick

Wednesday, 20 June 2001, 13:00 - 16:00




The GPS "round table" meeting held during last year’s GEOIDE NCE annual conference in Calgary was considered a very useful "networking" event by all who attended. Accordingly, another meeting was held at this year’s conference. While primarily intended as a forum for GEOIDE investigators using GPS in one way or another in their project research, anyone with an interest in GPS was invited to participate. Brief presentations of GPS-related GEOIDE project work were followed by an open discussion period.

As has been pointed out in continuing communications from the GEOIDE NCE Research Management Committee, the network as a whole needs to continue its efforts at "networking" within and across projects. Because GPS is such a ubiquitous technology and features in a number of the GEOIDE NCE projects, it is incumbent on GEOIDE GPS researchers in particular to maintain their networking activities.

This year’s meeting was not as well attended as last year’s, possibly due to its being held "offsite" – at the University of New Brunswick rather than at the conference hotel. Ten GEOIDE investigators from four universities attended the meeting.

Presentations were given by five of the attendees (see below). They generated lively discussions.

The interaction of GPS researchers at the three main universities carrying out GEOIDE-sponsored GPS research has fostered a number of joint projects and proposals. For example, the GPS team at the University of New Brunswick has been involved in three GEOIDE projects and, together with Université Laval and The University of Calgary, has been selected to submit a proposal on joint GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo operations for the next round of GEOIDE funding.


Richard B. Langley
University of New Brunswick



ENV #17: "Natural Hazards and Disaster Monitoring"

Richard Langley


ENV #14: "Improvement of Precise and Reliable Kinematic GPS Positioning in Real-time over Long Distances for the Support of Bathymetic Surveys"

Brian Morse


RES #47: "Airborne Gravity for Exploration and Mapping"

Sunil Bisnath
Tomas Beran


TCO #53: "Development of a Real-time Mobile Information Management Technology in Support of Energy and Resources Operations"

Yang Gao




Tomas Beran Univ. of New Brunswick
Sunil Bisnath Univ. of New Brunswick
Xiao-Wen Chang McGill Univ.
Yang Gao Univ. of Calgary
Donghyun Kim  Univ. of New Brunswick
Zhizhao Liu   Univ. of Calgary
Brian Morse Univ. Laval
Rock Santerre Univ. Laval
Zhu Jianjun Univ. Laval
Richard B. Langley  Univ. of New Brunswick