Summary of the May 28th 1999 Meeting of the GEOIDE Project 14

Réunion du Projet GEOIDE 14 du 28 mai 1999 à l’Université Laval

Meeting of the GEOIDE Project 14, May 28th 1999 at Laval University


9:00 Mots de bienvenue et présentation des participants /
Welcome addresses and presentation of the participants

Persons present at the meeting:

CRG : Rock Santerre, Mami Ueno, Annie Biron
Richard Langley, Donghyun Kim
Viasat : Denis Parrot, Claude St-Pierre, Luc Lamoureux
GSD : Pierre Tétreault
CCG : Guy Marceau
CHS : Daniel Langelier


9:15 Information sur le Réseau GEOIDE /
Information on the GEOIDE Network

A copy of the presentation, prepared by Keith Thomson and Annick Jaton, was distributed to the participants. The PowerPoint file is available on request.


9:45 Présentation du Projet 14 / Project 14 Presentation

A copy of the presentation, prepared by Rock Santerre, was distributed to the participants. The PowerPoint file is also available on request. Participants are also invited to refer to the Project 14 Research Proposal prepared in April 1998.

Richard Langley shortly presented the UNB GPS’s activities related to the Project 14, and his contribution to two other GEOIDE projects (ENV#17 and RES#47, for a description of these 2 projects). A list of UNB papers was distributed to the participants. Those who are interested in having a copy of some of the papers can directly contact Dr. Langley.


10:15 Pause / Break

Keith Thomson, GEOIDE’s Scientific Director, joined the meeting to meet the Project 14’s participants.


10:45 Échéancier - Contributions de chacun des participants - Coordination de la recherche (répartition des tâches) - Budget - Ententes Viasat-UL et Viasat-UNB /
Schedule - Contributions of each participant - Research Coordination (Task allocation) - Budget - Research Agreements: Viasat-UL and Viasat-UNB

A new schedule, given below, has been established for the next 3 years (the duration of the Project 14). Under each research module are identified the groups involved.


New Schedule :

Module, month:














Iono. (multipath)




Precise orbit


Multiple st. (ph.c.)


R-T Comm.




The main contributions of the research affiliate and governmental organisations are as follows:

Viasat will contribute by dedicating a person (half-time) who will work on ionospheric modelling and Glonass development. Viasat can also provide Bathykin software with plug-in to interface the new algorithms to be developed with the existing commercial software. The access to the Viasat software source code will not be available.

The contribution of CHS is to give access to the vessel FCG Smith and to the GPS data collected during sounding seasons as well as to provide data from the COWLIS network.

CCG will support real-time data transmission throughout its OTF-RT stations located at Lauzon, Ste-Marthe and L’Acadie. Interpolation of water level from SINEM will also be provided by CCG.

GSD is going to provide real-time precise orbits and expertise on regional ionospheric modelling. One day-person every 2 weeks will be dedicated to the Project 14.

The budget allocation and cash and in-kind contributions to the Project 14 are presented (excerpt from the April 1998 Proposal).

Research agreements between CRG and Viasat and between UNB and Viasat had to be prepared to protect the publication rights and intellectual properties of the Universities involved in the Project 14 and to protect commercial software developed by Viasat. GEOIDE administrative staffs could give a hand to prepare such agreements.


12:00 Dîner / Lunch (Le Cercle universitaire, Pavillon Desjardins)


13:30 Planification des activités de recherche pour l'été 1999 /
Planification of the research activities for the Summer 1999

GPS data collection for the CHS survey season 1999:

- One person will be dedicated onboard the Smith for the OTF and SINEM operations.

- Special tests for the ionospheric interpolation will be made with temporary reference stations (4 dual-frequency receivers Ashtech Z-XII could be provided by CRG and UNB).

- Schedule of the Smith operation site will be provided soon by CHS.

Claude St-Pierre (Viasat’s employee) and Mami Ueno (CRG Research Professional) will work on ionospheric modelling (copies of C. St-Pierre’s M.Sc. Report related to ionospheric modelling have been distributed to the participants).

Mami Ueno will continue the analysis of the OTF results of the 1998 season and she will also work on the integration of a priori information (from SINEM) to constraint ambiguity resolution solution.

Annie Biron (CRG M.Sc. student) will develop Glonass software particularly the resolution of Glonass ambiguities.

Donghuyn Kim (UNB Post-doctorate) will continue his work on optimised Least-Squares ambiguity search technique and on the improvement of reliable and robust OTF solution. Detection of outliers and cycle slips present in phase observations will also be addressed. Data sets from the CHS 1998 season will be used for testing the potential of the new algorithms.

Peter Stewart and Paul Collins, two research assistants at UNB, will punctually work on different aspects of the GEOIDE Project 14, namely on phase observation weighting with information from the S/N (signal to noise ratio), multipath and regional ionospheric modelling.

Contact will be made by R. Langley with the UNB Electrical Engineering Department for the absolute calibration of GPS (Glonass) antenna phase centre, in their anechoidal chamber.


14:45 Pause / Break


15:15 Communications entre les participants du Projet 14 et avec le Réseau GEOIDE (échange de personnel, liens avec autres projets GEOIDE) /
Communication links among the Project 14 participants and within the GEOIDE Network (staff exchange, links with other GEOIDE Projects)

The preferred communication link is Internet. Internet messages should be sent to all participants. The possibility to create a Web site for the Project 14 was discussed. When required conference phone calls will be made to take a decision on a given subject which requires more than two participants.

Exchange of personals between CRG and UNB can be easily organised. Possibility exists for Viasat to invite researchers to work with their Research and Development staffs in Montréal. GSD would like to come at the CRG to work on Glonass and ionospheric modelling.

The GEOIDE Workshop to be held in September, in Quebec City, will be a great opportunity to meet with the researchers of the other GEOIDE projects. Richard Langley is participant to 2 other GPS projects (ENV#17, RES#47). Denis Parrot is a member of the Board of Directors and Mami Ueno had previously worked with Martin Lee-Gosselin’s team (Dr Lee-Gosselin is the Scientific Leader of the Project SOC#8). Moreover, seven members of the CRG participate to 11 of the 20 GEOIDE projects. These facts will help to make strong links with the other GEOIDE’s projects. A special issue of Geomatica, on the GEOIDE Network’s projects, is going to be planned.


15:45 Mot de la fin / Wrap-up

Summary of the short term actions to be made.

Dates of the next Meeting:

During the GEOIDE Workshop, 9-10 September 1999.

During the Canadian Institute of Geomatics Conference, Montréal, 8-10 March 2000.


16:00 Fin de la réunion / End of the Meeting


Adresses des participants du Projet 14/
Project 14 Participants’ addresses


Rock Santerre

Centre de recherche en géomatique
Pavillon Casault
Université Laval
Sainte-Foy (Québec)
G1K 7P4

Tel: (418) 656-2294
Fax: (418) 656-7411


Mami Ueno
Annie Biron

Centre de recherche en géomatique
Pavillon Casault
Université Laval
Sainte-Foy (Québec)
G1K 7P4

Tel: (418) 656-2131 (7149)
Fax: (418) 656-3607


Richard B. Langley
Donghyun Kim

Geodetic Research Laboratory
Dept. of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton (N.B.)
E3B 5A3

Tel: (506) 453-5142
Fax: (506) 453-4943


Denis Parrot
Claude St-Pierre
Luc Lamoureux

VIASAT Géo-Technologie Inc.
419, boul. Rosemont
Bureau 310
Montréal (Québec)
H2S 1Z2

Tel : (514) 495-6500
Fax : (514) 495-4191


Pierre Tétreault

Division des levés géodésiques
Géomatique Canada
615, rue Booth
K1A 0E9

Tel: (613) 992-2218
Fax: (613) 995-3215


Guy Marceau

Garde côtière canadienne
101, boul. Champlain
Québec (Québec)
G1K 7Y7

Tel: (418) 649-7509
Fax: (418) 649-6201


Daniel Langelier

Service Hydrographique du Canada
850, route de la Mer
C.P. 1000
Mont-Joli, Québec
G5H 3Z4

Tel: 418-775-0860
Fax: 418-775-0654


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