Summary of the September 9th 1999 Meeting of the GEOIDE Project 14

Réunion du Projet GEOIDE 14
du 9 septembre 1999
tenue au Château Bonne-Entente

Meeting of the GEOIDE Project 14
September 9th 1999
held at the Château Bonne-Entente


17:00 Mots de bienvenue / Welcome addresses

Persons present at the meeting:
CRG : Rock Santerre, Mami Ueno, Annie Biron
UNB : Donghyun Kim
Viasat : Denis Parrot, Claude St-Pierre
GSD : Pierre Tétreault


17:15 Résumé des activités de recherche depuis mai 1999/
Summary of research activities since May 1999

M. Ueno (CRG)

Mami Ueno has continued the analysis of the OTF results of the 1998 survey season and she has also started working on the integration of a priori height information (from SINEM) to constraint ambiguity resolution solution. She noticed that the ionospheric activity is more and more important. She obtained the same results with different compilers (Borland C++, Visual C++). Viasat will supply M. Ueno with intermediate results form Bathykin software.

A. Biron (CRG)

Annie Biron has started the development of a software for the data processing of GPS+GLONASS pseudodistances for absolute and relative positioning. Results should be obtained by the end of September.

D. Kim (UNB)

Donghuyn Kim has continued his work on optimised Least-Squares Ambiguity Search technique and on the improvement of reliable and robust OTF solution. A copy of his paper to be presented during the next ION Meeting has been distributed. Data sets from the CHS 1998 season have been used for testing the potential of the new algorithms. Viasat will supply him a copy of the Bathykin software for the comparison of the results.


The report written by P. Collins and P. Stewart dealing with the interpretation of S/N ratio to properly weight phase observations was transmitted to the members of the Project 14. The UNB’s Department of Electrical Engineering has calibrated, in their anechoic chamber, two of the CRG geodetic GPS antennas (a D-M chokering antenna and a geodetic Ashtech Z-XII antenna).


The broadcasting of precise real-time orbits is in discussion. It is planned to have them be made as a public utility for Canadian users.

P. Tétreault will ask permission, to the manufacturer (NovAtel) of their dual frequency GPS+GLONASS receiver, to give access at the CRG to the data collected by the receiver operating at the GSD.


18:00 Planification et coordination des tests sur l'ionosphère/
Planning and coordination of the ionospheric tests


OTF tests will be made on the St-Laurent river from the 20th to the 29th of September, in the Trois-Rivières area. A temporary GPS receiver will be added in the region to the North of the Lac St-Pierre. CRG will provide the personnel and the dual-frequency receiver for the operation of this receiver. Other OTF tests on the St-Laurent river, in the Quebec City region, are also planned from the 11th to the 21st of October.


18:30 Divers/Miscellaneous

Special Issue of Geomatica

Claude St-Pierre is writing an (refereed) article on the first results obtained with the regional modelling of the ionospheric delays. This will be part of the Special issue of Geomatica dedicated to the GEOIDE Network of Centres of Excellence in Geomatics.

Conference Geomatics 2000 and the First GEOIDE Scientific Meeting

Four abstracts from M. Ueno, D. Kim, A. Biron and C. St-Pierre are planned to be submitted for the Conference Geomatics 2000 and the First GEOIDE Scientific Meeting. See the attached file included in the E-mail containing the present document.

19:00 Fin de la réunion / End of the Meeting

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